In AFT, Legislative Update

AFT Michigan has filed a brief with the Michigan Court of Appeals as the next step in the fight for the three percent of members’ pay taken for retiree wages in 2010. We began this fight five years ago with our sisters and brothers of the Michigan Education Association, immediately after the law was passed, challenging the consitutionality of the law.

Previously, the Court of Appeals ruled in our favor and determined that PA 75 violated a number of constitutional rights. The Michigan Attorney General appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, but the Court declined and remanded case back to the Court of Appeals.

We have filed our brief, which you can view below. The Attorney General will provide a reply brief in a few weeks. We then will wait for oral arguments to be scheduled, which we suspect will occur sometime in February or March.

Until then, members’ money that was withheld remains in an escrow account.

We will continue to fight this outrageous and unconstitutional law.

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