Restore Collective Bargaining Rights for Public Employees

Legislators need to restore teachers’ voices at the bargaining table, protect our support staff from the threat of privatization and restore the power to collect our dues through payroll! The [...]


Election 2022 Workplace Flyers

Please distribute to fellow members in your workplace (and let us know if you need help with printing, etc.)!


Governor’s Updated Guidance on Schools & COVID-19

A joint statement from David Hecker, AFT-Michigan President; Don Wotruba, MASB Executive Director;Tina Kerr, MASA Executive Director; Ray Telman, Middle CitiesExecutive Director; Paula Herbart, [...]


Michigan Senate Passes Return to School Compromise

On August 15, the Michigan Senate passed a package of legislation that will implement an agreement between Republican Legislative leaders and Governor Gretchen Whitmer to amend the State School [...]


The Bottom Line: Education in the fall must be safe and educators must be involved in decisions

I have heard from so many AFT Michigan members across the state who are rightly concerned about our readiness to open schools this fall. I hear you. And here is the bottom line. Schools should [...]


Herbart and Hecker: Don’t gamble with school retirement funds for roads scheme

Some state lawmakers are proposing to dip into state retirement funds to pay for Michigan’s crumbling roads.  This dangerous idea should be rejected because it could undermine the [...]


Lame Duck Legislative Update

The Michigan Legislature is halfway through the lame duck session, and it has been incredibly busy. We expect legislative activity to continue over the next two weeks. The Legislature is in [...]


First Week of Lame Duck Session Sees Flurry of Activity

In the first three of 12 session days scheduled before the end of the legislative term, we’ve seen hundreds of bills introduced, and dozens of committee hearings. This first week, despite [...]


Get Ready for Lame Duck

It was the “Lame Duck” legislative session of 2012 when the Republican controlled legislature rammed “Right to Work” through the process without even a hearing.  And that [...]


2018 Election Recap: WOW!

On Tuesday, Michigan voters made a clear statement: we want to improve our schools, colleges and universities; clean up the environment; create good jobs; respect working families and their [...]