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Wayne RESA English Language Program Facilitators Organize!

Congratulations to the English Language Program Facilitators at Wayne RESA, who are now AFT members and looking forward to bargaining a first contract! Great work by all the members who led the campaign and big thank you to AFT Michigan Field Rep Johnny Mickles and the leadership of our already existing local, the Wayne RESA Salaried Staff Federation, AFT Local 4479, for their support of the new group.

Governor Presents Blueprint for Student Recovery

Last week Governor Whitmer released the MI Blueprint for Comprehensive Student Recovery.  The report’s recommendations were developed by the Governor’s Student Recovery Advisory Council on which Onaway Federation of Teachers President Kym Wiggelsworth and I were honored to serve.  The Blueprint presents ideas that can help meet the diverse and individual needs of students resulting from the myriad of ways that this pandemic has affected them.

AFT Michigan/MEA Joint Press Release  

Increased Student Loan Transparency Bill Package Moving in Lansing

Representative Sarah Anthony is introducing a series of bills that would provide greater transparency and accountability for student loan borrowers. The bills would create a Student Loan Ombudsman, which would establish a single point of contact in the state for borrowers to get questions answered, resolve disputes with their student loan companies and make sure their concerns are represented in federal discussions. The bills would also bring the servicers of student loans under the oversight of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services to rein in predatory practices and establish critical protections for borrowers. Lastly, the bills would require schools to give students information about their student loans at critical junctures while they are in school to ensure that they understand the full scope of their student loan debt and have information about available repayment options. We will partner with Rep. Anthony as this bill moves through the legislature to provide relief for student loan borrowers.

New Contract for MCCFO

Congratulations to the members of the Macomb Community College Faculty Organization on securing a 2-year agreement including steps and raises. Great work by President Cal Goossen, Chief Negotiator Sara Van Wormer, and the entire MCCFO leadership team.

Virtual Book Discussion of “RE-UNION: How Bold Labor Reforms Can Repair, Revitalize, and Reunite the United States”

Wednesday, May 26, 4 p.m. EDT

REGISTER HERE to receive a Zoom link

As the debate about the future of unions takes on increased urgency, a growing number of scholars, labor leaders and elected officials believe that sectoral bargaining is a key part of the revival of the U.S. labor movement. Yet many remain skeptical, concerned about the risks and practicalities of such a change. In Re-Union, Madland argues that a new labor system based on enhanced rights for workers, incentives for union membership, and greater sectoral bargaining to complement work site-level bargaining is critical to revitalizing labor and addressing America’s core economic and political challenges. To order a copy of RE-UNION: How Bold Labor Reforms Can Repair, Revitalize, and Reunite the United States please go HERE and use the promotional coupon code 09FLYER to get a 30% discount.

Redistricting 101 on the LaborVision Podcast

The MI AFL-CIO podcast covered Michigan’s redistricting process this week, including a guest spot by Edward Woods, communications director for the state’s redistricting Commission. Find it by searching “LaborVision” wherever you get your podcasts:

Diving Deep on a ‘New Deal’ for Higher Education

When the AFT and the American Association of University Professors announced a New Deal for Higher Education, our plan for more accessible college and stability for the academic workforce, it set the stage for change. Since then, a series of webinars and a full issue of AAUP’s Academeincluding an op-ed from AFT President Randi Weingarten—have unpacked the details on free college, contingency, campus solidarity, equity-driven funding, social justice and more, empowering advocates with the knowledge we need to make these proposals a reality.

2021 Rollie Hopgood Future Teachers Scholarship Award Applications Now Available!

AFT Michigan has three eligibility categories of the “Rollie Hopgood Future Teachers Scholarship Award” for qualifying individuals.

Scholarship categories and links to applications and forms are:

  1. Graduating senior of an AFT Michigan high school with the goal of becoming a teacher;

a.       Application

b.       Reference Form

  1. AFT Michigan PSRP dues paying member for at least one academic year enrolled (full- or part-time) in a teacher certification program at a college or university;

a.       Application

b.       Reference Form


  1. AFT Michigan dues paying member for at least one academic year son(s) and/or daughter(s) who is a graduating senior with the goal of becoming a teacher.

a.       Application

b.       Reference Form

c.       Parent Verification Form

Click here to download the applications.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Linda Moore at

Union Made Barbeque

Fire up the grill for summer! Check out the line up of the best union-made/packaged hot dogs, beef, beer, grilling tools to make your next BBQ the best ever! You can also text “MADE” to 235246 to receive a list from AFL-CIO to your cell phone. Happy grilling!

Upcoming Professional Development 

AFT Michigan

Gut Health As It Relates To Stress and Anxiety 6 SCECHs

June 5, 2021

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

This workshop will introduce participants to a growing body of research, commonly identified as “Gut Health” and explore the possibility of chemical and hormonal transmission between the stomach (what you eat) and the brain.  The relationship between the stomach, brain and mental health can have an effect on the teaching and learning in the classroom both positive and negatively.  Also, participants will examine food choices that have connections to various chronic diseases and mental health (anxiety and depression).

Click here to register

In solidarity, 

David Hecker, President

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