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Join with our brothers and sisters of the Michigan Nurses Association for their celebration of the 50th anniversary of Medicare, and call for national single-payer health care for all. The event starts at 9am on July 30 at UAW Local 600.

We need to protect and improve Medicare as the highly successful public program it has been for nearly 50 years — and extend its coverage to all. Seniors, people with disabilities, and those struggling to make ends meet have been saved from financial ruin and provided access to care through Medicare and Medicaid. There have been attacks on Medicare that have weakened it — most of those problems have been caused by private health insurance interests.

Along with improving and protecting Medicare, we need to expand it to cover everyone as the most cost-effective way to provide a single standard of high-quality care for all without financial barriers.

Please join with others for the day of action! Please RSVP here.

WHO: Union members, retirees, community groups, progressive allies from across Michigan

WHAT: National Day of Action to strengthen and expand Medicare

WHEN: Thursday, July 30 9am meet & board the bus from Dearborn. 11:30am rally in Detroit.                                                                       1pm lunch & educational program.

WHERE: Meet at UAW 600, 10550 Dix, Dearborn.                                                                                                                                                              Rally at Central United Methodist Church, 23 East Adams Avenue, Detroit.

We hope you’ll attend – RSVP now!

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