Detroit Federation of Teachers members have made hundreds of phone calls this week to AFT Michigan members across the state.

They’re calling on their colleagues to join the fight for Detroit kids by asking their legislators to support the DFT’s goals for good legislation that returns DPS to a locally elected and empowered school board, that pays the debt the state accumulated for DPS, and rationalizes the educational system so students and parents have access to quality schools.

“This is important — to reach out to other people with different representatives than just my own,” said Nicole Ames-Powell, a middle school math teacher from Carver STEM Academy. “Our state legislators need to hear that Detroit children deserve equal opportunities that are offered to other students in the state.”

“I want to seek solidarity with teachers and educators across the state of Michigan, to support our common goal of empowering and educating tomorrow’s leaders, today’s children,” said Curtis Valasek, a health sciences teacher at Ben Carson High School.

On Thursday, State Representative Henry Yanez (D-Warren) stopped by to support the teachers and thank them for fighting for their students.

If you’d like to join for the next phone bank on Monday, March 21, please call Arika at 443-845-3284.

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