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The third of AFT Michigan’s Organizing Summits took place in Taylor, Michigan – SE of Detroit on Saturday. It was another successful event. The theme this Fall, with elections just around the corner, was Training and Action. Mostly it was action by the good people that braved the near certain rain (which didn’t end up happening) and the chilly temperatures.

Nearly 3 dozen AFT Members, some members of the new statewide solidarity campaign The League Of Extraordinary Educators and from over a dozen locals did amazing work.

486 doors of potential voters where knocked on.

120 people talked to at those doors. People at the doors wanted to talk to us. (Including one person who drove down the street to talk!)

Nearly 2000 people called with new phone technology in 1 hour. (In the past, it  took 27 people 10 hours to make that many dials by hand!).

190 people talked to on those calls.

13 new League of Extraordinary Educators members.

It was pretty thrilling and really great to get out and talk to people about how important this election is and how important it is to build union power.

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