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This week, AFT Michigan bid a bittersweet farewell to Cassandra Jackson, who served as Executive Administrative Assistant for the past 17 years. Before joining us, Cassandra worked with the UAW and was a longtime leader within OPEIU. At AFT Michigan, she was a key part of every aspect of the union, from organizing to politics to keeping the office running.

In the words of David Hecker, “Cassandra really ran the place, keeping it all together.  She is amazingly skilled and cares deeply for the members and the cause.  She is a truly wonderful person to whom all AFT Michigan members, those who know her and those who do not, owe a great deal of thanks.”


Cassandra’s retirement party was attended by many current and former AFT Michigan leaders and staff that she has worked with over the years, none of whom can quite imagine what the union will be like without her. Cassandra of course has an active retirement planned, full of travel, crafting, cooking, and relaxing, and we wish her all the best!


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