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DFT Fights for Students and Teachers

The Detroit Federation of Teachers through neighborhood walks, talking with teachers one-on-one at schools and at their homes, placing a full page ad in the Detroit Free Press and much, much more has ramped up the fight for students and teachers. The revealing of horrid conditions in many schools has made national news, as the community has rallied around their children’s teachers.

If you haven’t yet please watch the video to see conditions at Spain Elementary.

Click here to watch.

And please sign the petition in support of Detroit students getting the welcoming environment for learning they deserve and for educators to receive the respect and support they need to do their jobs well!

Click here to sign the petition.


Macomb Locals Coming Together to Support Flint

Coming out of the Leadership Summit in Mt. Pleasant, a number of AFT locals in Macomb County were inspired to develop a joint plan to raise money to send water to Flint residents. This is a great example of solidarity and if your local is interested in doing something similar, contact your staff rep or Eric Lindemier at (Thanks again to the LEO 6244 members at UM-Flint who have helped lead the way on this work within AFT Michigan).


Dearborn Teachers and Support Staff Building for the Future

The teachers (DFT 681) and support staff (DFSE 4750) in Dearborn Public Schools have kicked off a systematic plan to sign members up for direct dues. They are focusing on a single building each day, preparing members for the signup process by emailing and calling them in the days before leaders of both locals arrive at the building. This coordinated process has led to high signup rates and efficient use of everyone’s time.


Professional Development and Union Building Political, Legislative & Community Conference February 27

AFT Michigan’s Political, Legislative & Community Conference will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at Michigan State University’s Kellogg Center. Further information and sign-up will be available soon.


Changes on How Members Receive SCECHs

As of January 2016, the Michigan Department of Education requires that we use your Personal Identification Certification (PIC) number instead of email addresses to upload credit for attendance of AFT Michigan Professional Development Workshops.

If you have signed up to attend the upcoming workshop on February 6 you would need to have a PIC number in order to get receive credit. However, we will issue certificates for those that do not have a PIC number.

Educators who use SCECHs for certification renewal must have a Personal Identification Certification number (PIC) and a Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) account. Your PIC number should have been provided by your school district or charter school.

If you do not have a MOECS account or PIC number, please contact your school district or charter school. You may also contact the MOECS Support Desk with questions relating to a MOECS account via email or call 517-373-3310 Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Any additional questions relating to AFT Michigan’s Professional Development program and SCECHs, contact Lois Lofton-Doniver via email


Upcoming Workshop:Understanding the Cognitive Roots of Cruel & Irresponsible Online Behavior – 5 SCECHs

This workshop will provide strategies to help all learners to understand that negative digital behaviors are public and permanent in the cyber world.

Click here to register

In Solidarity,

David Hecker


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