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Working with the national AFT, we have filed a civil complaint in Circuit Court against Project Veritas, a right wing hit group that uses deception and lies to attack unions and other progressive organizations. On Thursday, Judge Brian Sullivan issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Marisa Jorge, a Project Veritas operative who created a false identity as a University of Michigan education student to secure an internship with us over the summer of 2017, from releasing any private and confidential information she may have gathered through her unlawful surveillance.
For more background information on what led up to this point, see:
We all know our unions are under attack these days–an incident like this makes it all too real. We will certainly pursue justice to the full extent of the law and we are confident we will prevail. But, in the end, this isn’t about them. It’s about us, and how we respond in these moments of crisis. Let’s show that we’ll stick together and grow stronger even in the face of such despicable attacks.
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