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Supporting UAW Workers

It was great to be part of the national AFT Day of Action in support of our UAW siblings last Thursday – social media was full of great photos from picket lines across the country, including some fabulous shots from here in Michigan!

Looking for a picket line closer to you? Check for the current list of locations!

New Episode of the AFT Michigan Podcast Just Dropped

I welcomed Jenell Mansfield, our Political & Legislative Director, to the studio for our latest episode of the AFT Michigan Podcast. Please check it out to hear us talk about growing up in Detroit, parenthood, and why it’s so important for union members to be engaged in the political process. 

UMMAP Executive Director Job Posting

United Michigan Medicine Allied Professionals, AFT Local 6739, is seeking an experienced and energized Executive Director to become the first staff member of our innovative and progressive local union of healthcare professionals. See the full posting and instructions how to apply at:

Join us for AFT Michigan Happy Hour Friday, 10/13

We’d like to invite AFT Michigan members to stop by our office (2661 E. Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207) this Friday between 4-5pm for an informal Happy Hour with your union. For our members in education, you’ve made it through that back to school rush; for everyone else, it’s Friday afternoon! We’ll have some beverages, snacks, and a chance to get to know good people from across the union.

Register for AFT Health Care Issues Conference

Registration is now open for the AFT Nurses and Health Professionals 2023 conference, which is tailored to members who work in healthcare. The conference will be held concurrently with the AFT Public Employees Professional Issues Conference at the Baltimore Hilton in Baltimore Nov. 16-18. Register now and start planning! The housing deadline is Oct. 17 and registration closes Nov. 9. We’re excited to get together with you and share ideas, learn from one another and grow as activists.

Professional Development

AFT Professional Learning New 2023-24 Webinar Series

Register now for AFT Professional Learning’s new 2023-24 webinar series, TEACH-ify: A Great Teaching Strategy Playlist!

Starting in October 2023 and continuing through May 2024, educators are invited to join national trainers from the AFT’s Professional Learning program to talk about great teaching strategies for supporting our students in grades K-12. Sessions will be held from 7 – 8 p.m. Eastern time, with live support until 8:30 p.m. to answer participants’ questions.

Teaching Strategy Playlist of Topics:

  • Oct. 12: Engaging Families as Educational Partners | Register
    Students do better in school when their families are engaged as partners in learning. In this session, we will share strategies to build your professional repertoire of strategies for addressing family engagement and communicating effectively with families to improve student achievement.
  • Jan. 11: Project-Based Learning | Register
    Project-based learning takes on a constructivist approach in which we do not just look just for the right answer or for what students can regurgitate, but rather for what they can generate, demonstrate and exhibit. In this session, we will examine creating student-centered learning environments where the dynamics of learning foster curiosity, exploration, inquiry and the retention of information.
  • March 14: Student Engagement | Register
    Research shows that engaging your students in the classroom is an area greatly in need of improvement. In this session, discover structures and resources that foster student engagement and support learning.
  • May 9: Using Questions to Teach and Learn | Register
    Student responses to questions help teachers assess how well students understand content. Responses also reveal students’ critical and metacognitive thinking patterns. In this session, we will explore how to examine the surface and deep structure of questions as well as the process of formulating meaningful questions.

AFT Share My Lesson Webinar: Debunking Disinformation, Empowering Educators with Tools and Strategies – Tuesday, October 24

You’re invited to join AFT’s Share My Lesson for a free webinar, Debunking Disinformation: Empowering Educators with Tools and Strategies on Tuesday, Oct. 24, at 6:30 p.m. EDT.  

In an age where information is readily accessible with just a few taps on a screen, the ability to discern fact from fiction has never been more crucial. Middle and high school students—and even college students—who are at a formative stage in their cognitive and social development, are particularly vulnerable to the pervasive influence of disinformation. It can shape their worldviews, influence their decisions, and even impact their mental well-being.

Teachers occupy a unique position to address this challenge. They can provide students with the tools to critically evaluate sources, understand the motives behind disinformation campaigns, and navigate the digital landscape with discernment. In this upcoming webinar, veteran teachers will be highlighting the AFT’s recent Defining Mis- and Disinformation Toolkit and focusing on portions of the toolkit that seek to equip educators (and parents!) with the tools and resources they need to sensitively and responsibly respond to disinformation in the classroom and at home. Register now.

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State of Education Symposium on the Impact of New Legislation for Public School Employees – October 28

Fall Leadership Institute – November 16-18

Registration is still open for the 2023 Fall Leadership Institute until November 9. 

The Fall Leadership Institute, running from November 16-18, is a weekend-long conference aimed at providing labor organizers and union leaders with the tools they need to thrive. Workshop offered for everyone – from seasoned leaders to those aspiring for leadership. 

Contribute to the AFT Michigan PAC Today

AFT Michigan fights for our members, students and communities all year round and we need your help. Can you donate $1 a week to aid us in this fight? Please visit the AFT Michigan website to contribute and make a big difference in protecting public education and building a better Michigan future! 

In solidarity,

Terrence Martin


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