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Most often, if unions are in the news, someone is on strike.  Over the past few months there has been a remarkable change as unions are growing in public support and workers are organizing at major corporations.  Last week a Grand Rapids Starbucks became the first to organize in Michigan, following a national trend. Amazon workers are standing up for their rights. And the cover story of yesterday’s New York Times Book Review section highlighted two new books about flight attendant organizing, while an article on page four of the paper’s Sunday Review concerned health care unions.

Workers organizing, regardless  of where, is great news, and workers are organizing every day.  But reality is when you  organize a major corporation it becomes national news, and enhances coverage of labor beyond strikes.  It is up to us to seize the moment, take advantage of the growing stature of labor to continue to build a strong, broad based movement that addresses workplace issues, but also works beyond the workplace to create economic and social justice.  It’s Union Time.

Rally For Childcare Equity

Campus unions and student groups at the University of Michigan will hold a Rally for Childcare Equity at UM-Dearborn this Thursday, May 19th at 1:30pm before the Board of Regents’ meeting. The coalition is asking for UM to enroll all campuses in Tri-Share, a pilot state program in which the cost of childcare is evenly shared between the employer, the state, and the employee. State Senator Stephanie Chang and Dearborn City Councilmember Erin Byrnes, plus lecturers, graduate students, and staff, will speak at the rally, which will be held in the Fairlane Courtyard at UM-Dearborn (19000 Hubbard Dr, Dearborn, MI 48126). Food and family-friendly fun will be provided. Carpools can be arranged to Dearborn. Please RSVP here.  For more information about Tri-Share contact Alex Elkins at

U.S. House Dems Approve the Right of Staffers to Unionize

The United States House of Representatives, along party lines, voted to provide their Congressional Staffers the right to formally unionize and collectively bargain.  The staffers have organized the Congressional Workers Union.  The resolution needed to provide this right was introduced by Michigan Congressman Andy Levin (D), himself a former union organizer.  There were 165 House Democratic Sponsors joining Congressman Levin’s resolution.  

We’re fighting together across the labor movement to win important victories for working people.

We secured historic investments in our nation’s infrastructure and saved our pensions. We’re helping striking workers win fair contracts, and we’re unleashing a wave of union organizing.

Rising costs are top of mind for many of the workers we represent. What else matters to America’s union members?

🠆 Share this issue survey with our members.

🠆 Post this flyer at our worksites. (Click here for the Spanish language version.)

There’s still so much we will accomplish together. But first, we need to hear from our members.

Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, we need to talk to each other about our priorities so we can advance our shared agenda.

Direct our members to, and post this flyer at members’ jobsites.

Michigan Advance Article on LGBTQ+

My May Michigan Advance column concerns the despicable attacks on the LGBTQ+ community.

Order Materials to Organize New Members!

Thanks to your activism, the AFT gives members a crucial voice in shaping their workplace experience and influencing policy, whether it’s in education, healthcare or public service. Broadcast that message to potential new members with our resources—from member benefits and an inspiring poster to calendars and our booklet about the AFT.

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Starting now, materials will be available year-round. Whenever you are planning an organizing push, union event or other mobilizing opportunity, you can select the resources you need at Ordering two weeks in advance of your event should be sufficient, but please keep in mind that supply chain challenges have created a global paper shortage, so delivery may be delayed. (Instead of ordering large quantities now, please consider taking advantage of being able to order year-round. Materials will be updated periodically.)

Financial Planning for Workers Free Symposium

Contribute to the AFT Michigan PAC Today

AFT Michigan fights for our members, students and communities all year round and we need your help. Can you donate $1 a week to aid us in this fight? Please visit the AFT Michigan website to contribute and make a big difference in protecting public education and building a better Michigan future! 

Professional Development

AFT Michigan Virtual Workshop

Educators’ Self-Help Using the Brain Rules

June 4, 2022 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

This workshop will investigate several principles that educators may implement to support their personal and professional lives, in order to support student achievement.

Click here to register.

In solidarity, 

David Hecker


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