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DETROIT, MI — The members of the Professional & Administrative Association (P&AA), AFT Local 4467, at Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) have been working without a contract since June 30, 2015.

P&AA members are the front line support staff providing crucial services to students at WCCCD, including mid-level administrators, operation managers, learning resource coordinators, assistant registrars, student services advisors, financial aid advisors, and tutors.

“We are the people servicing and supporting, the 70,000 students who attend Wayne County Community College District. With our support, students complete the admissions and registration process.  With our support, students utilize our libraries and computer labs. With our support, students secure appropriate and timely supportive services, reasonable accommodations, and navigate through college life complexities,” explained P&AA President, Marcie Noutai.

“We deserve the right to safe workplaces and affordable health care. We deserve to earn decent salaries for the work we do and to be treated with dignity and respect by the Board of Trustees, Chancellor Ivery and his administration. We go on record to note that while Dr. Ivery, his administrators and consultants make sizeable salaries, we stand committed to supporting our students and remain steadfast in our demand for a fair contract.”

Members of P&AA, AFT Local 4467 are affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers Michigan, AFL-CIO.

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