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UMMAP now represents 3,700 employees across the University of Michigan Health System

On January 22, more than 600 health care professionals who work in patient rehabilitation at the University of Michigan, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, and audiologists officially certified the United Michigan Medicine Allied Professionals (UMMAP), American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 6739, as their union.

UMMAP now represents 3,700 employees across the University of Michigan Health System. UMMAP is a multi-bargaining unit union of health care workers spanning across Michigan Medicine. With a commitment to an open, transparent, and cooperative process, UMMAP is fostering an equitable workplace culture at Michigan Medicine, ensuring that health care professionals are given the respect and support they deserve. 

“The acknowledgement of the rehabilitation professionals at Michigan Medicine as a bargaining unit in UMMAP empowers us to stand shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues and provide better care for those we serve,” said Kate Robbins, a Physical Therapist and UMMAP Chair for Non-Bargained Employees. “Together, we can advocate for enhanced working conditions, fair compensation, and the assurance that our collective voices resonate.” 

“It’s encouraging to see the growing number of workers coming together to push for meaningful changes, and yesterday’s news brought that point even closer to home,” said Terrence Martin, president of AFT Michigan. “UMMAP is raising the bar by building a union for health care workers from the ground up over the past year. By building power to win fair pay and better working conditions, the quality of care that professionals can provide will improve, ensuring that outcomes are better for patients and workers alike.”

United Michigan Medicine Allied Professionals encourages health care workers from across Michigan Medicine to strive for respect, fairness, equity and transparency through democratic organizing and collective bargaining and looks forward to providing collective advocacy for Michigan Medicine health care workers from the three main hospitals in Ann Arbor to the 125 external clinics across the state.  

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