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Linda Moore, President of the Taylor FT, Applauds Court Ruling in Support of Fair Share Agreement

“A Wayne County Circuit Judge today dismissed a claim by three teachers employed by the Taylor Public Schools and represented by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, that a union security agreement violated Michigan law,” Moore said. 

“The three teachers and the Mackinac Center challenged the ten year union security contract the School District entered into with the Taylor Federation of Teachers before Right-to-Work took effect in 2013. Right-to-Work becomes effective after a collective bargaining agreement expires. The Court held that the Taylor Board of Education had the authority to enter into a contract, even a long term contract, relating to “fair share” fees and that the agreement did not amount to a surrender of sovereign power. Citing controlling authority from the United States Supreme Court, the Judge rejected each of the arguments put forth by the three teachers and the Mackinac Center.”

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