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On March 23rd, the League of Extraordinary Educators showed strong solidarity in Eastpointe. The members of EDFT and supporters held a rally of over 200 people, that forced the school board to take notice of their sacrifice that was made several years earlier to save their school district. We succeeded!!!

Please accept my deep appreciation for the remarkable support from The League of Extraordinary Educators, the AFT-MI staff and the AFT MI Administrative Board at our rally. It meant a great deal to me and to all of the EDFT to feel such strong solidarity and know that others realize what has been happening here and support us. It makes fighting onward a more rewarding and hopeful aspiration. I am hopeful this will garner more activism on the part of our membership. Please extend our thanks to those that were able to participate or were able to send greetings and support if they weren’t able to join us. — Lincoln Stocks, President of the East Detroit Federation of Teachers

Check out the posts on Facebook: here and here and two videos: here and here. Finally, check out Lincoln on the Tony Trupiano radio show.


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