The AFT Michigan locals and Wayne County Community College, the Teachers and Professional & Administrative Association, have been working a plan to bring attention to the unfair labor situation at the College. Their contracts are regularly being violated by the college administration.  The two locals have banded together, developed a plan, and are working together in Solidarity.  On Wednesday evening (9/24) three members of AFT 2000 spoke at the WCCCD Board of Trustees Meeting.

Dr. Addell Austin Anderson spoke about how Educational Affairs violated the part-time faculty’s rights during class selection for Fall and about the need for WCCCD to respect the credentials, talent and time of its faculty.

Dr. Wallace Peace, President of AFT Local 2000, spoke about how WCCCD continually harasses it’s faculty in numerous ways and how the faculty is shut out of the decision-making processes at the college. He emphasized that although the faculty took a vote of no confidence in the Vice ChancellWCCCD Solidarityor of Educational Affairs, Dr. Stephanie Bulger, nothing has changed and the faculty continue to be harassed. He asked the Board to attend the upcoming faculty selection meetings.

Joanne Wittbrodt, chemistry teacher and a member of AFT Local 2000, spoke about the many ways that WCCCD has harmed its students by not employing enough counselors and full-time faculty, by not paying part-time faculty for office hours, by not supporting the nursing faculty properly and causing the nursing department to fail to achieve national accreditation, by shutting faculty out of the training process for distance learning, and by failing to provide adequate numbers of tutors.

Thank you to everyone who wore blue and wore the armbands on Wednesday for Solidarity Day. Take a look at the Northwest Campus showing out… Again, thank you for your show of unity and solidarity.

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