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Just about everything is different in 2020, and the November election is no exception. One of the biggest differences is that there will probably not be a clear winner on election night — and that’s OK. Between an unprecedented number of voters voting absentee and necessary steps to ensure the integrity of our ballots, we will need to be both patient and watchful that everyone’s vote is counted.

One of our most important rights as Americans is the right to vote, and election officials have a duty to ensure that every eligible vote is counted. Every ballot that is cast must be counted — from members of the military who send in their vote from overseas, to those voting absentee because of the coronavirus or for convenience, to people who vote on Election Day.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is hopeful that all of Michigan’s votes will be counted by Friday, November 6. We’re all going to be impatient to know the results, but the most important thing is that we give our dedicated election workers time to get it right, and that everyone’s vote is counted. 3.1 million absentee ballots were requested for the election, and 2.3 million Michiganders have returned them as of 10/28, which means there are a lot of envelopes to open!

AFT Michigan is part of a statewide coalition focused on ensuring that every vote is counted and the will of the people is respected. There are many ways we can all do our part to protect democracy:

  • Sign & share the pledge to protect our democracy (
  • Sign up to be a spokesperson or storyteller
  • Sign up to be a poll watcher or poll challenger on Election Day
  • Follow the We Make Michigan Facebook page and be ready to mobilize if necessary.

This has been a rough year, and it will probably be a crazy next week, but together, we’re going to get through it. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and even if it takes a few more days to reach it than we expected, we will stand united to make sure every vote is counted.

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