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Legislators need to restore teachers’ voices at the bargaining table, protect our support staff from the threat of privatization and restore the power to collect our dues through payroll! The subjects of bargaining that educators can negotiate at the bargaining table were eroded under the Engler and Snyder administrations. Educators cannot bargain over evaluations, privatization of support staff, placement, layoffs and a plethora of other subjects. They also have to bear the burden of wage freezes and escalating health care costs when their collective bargaining agreements expire and a new contract is not in place, giving management unfair leverage during negotiations and are unable to bargain payroll deduction of dues.

Please click here to ask your legislators to  VOTE YES on HB 4354-57, HB 4044, HB 4233, SB 185 and SB 169 and restore educator voice at the bargaining table!

It’s time to:

  • Restore subjects of bargaining for teachers, including discipline and discharge, performance evaluations standards, teacher placement, process for layoff and recall, and the right to for school support staff to negotiate over privatization. 
  • Remove penalties against workers after a contract expires and a new contract is not yet in place. 
  • Restore the right of K-12 employees to pay dues through payroll deduction. 
  • Restore the right of Graduate Students Resident Assistants to organize. 
  • Require public employers to provide unions with the contact information of the workers they represent. 
  • Restore the right of the Detroit Federation of Teachers to bargain wages for teachers hired after September 2019. 
  • Restore the right of public employees to fully bargain for health care. 
  • Restore fairness to teacher tenure decisions by reestablishing “just cause.” 

Click here to ask your legislators to  VOTE YES on HB 4354-57, HB 4044, HB 4233, SB 185 and SB 169.

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