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Union Building Institute (UBI)

February 5-8, all sessions are 5-6 PM over Zoom

Start off 2024 strong by building your union leadership skills!  Worksite leaders and members are invited to sign up for various virtual sessions designed to support members develop skills and build on existing knowledge and skills around core union capacities throughout the week of February 5th. Sessions are focused on core areas of AFT Michigan’s Power Wheel and include the following:

What’s a Worksite Leader?

Monday, February 5

As a building representative or department steward you are a “mini-president” — the “face of the union” in your worksite.  Members rely on you for communication about union events, updates, and actions.  Members also turn to you for support with worksite issues.  Join us to learn about and reflect on the core skills that make a strong union leader.

Contract Enforcement 101

Tuesday, February 6th

We work hard to win strong contracts, let’s make sure we enforce them!  Knowing your contract and understanding the process of handling worksite issues can help members find solutions and build power.  In this session, participants will define grievances and work their way through a case study to help demystify the process of contract enforcement.

Using Lists to Organize Your Worksite

Wednesday, February 7th

All good organizing starts with a great list! Join us for an evening with AFT Michigan’s very own list-guy, Dan Kukuk, to learn how a well organized list can support your ability to reach out to colleagues about upcoming union events and issues. We’ll also spend some time discussing how elections play an important role in setting policies and conditions that impact educators, students, and communities with Political Coordinator, Jenell Mansfield. Come find out how lists and worksite conversations are crucial in moving members to action in upcoming 2024 elections!

Mastering the One-on-One Conversation 

Thursday, February 8

Want to talk to your colleagues about issues in your workplace or invite them to the next union meeting, but not sure how to start?  This training is for you!  Come join our 90 minute session on 1:1 conversations that move your colleagues to action.  Whether it’s asking a potential member to sign a union card, talking to an unsure member about an upcoming board meeting, or moving a busy colleague towards being more active in your union, this training will leave you feeling confident in your organizing conversation skills!

All sessions are over zoom and run from 5-6 PM. Register today at

Justice Leaders Collaborative (JLC) Core Course

Justice Leaders Collaborative (JLC) Core Course

8 Weeks, Mondays 6-8 PM over Zoom, February 12-April 1

The Justice Leaders Core Course is open to all AFT Michigan leaders passionate about issues of equity, inclusion and social justice. Learning will focus on issues of privilege, oppression and inequality along lines of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. Participants will come to understand their own social identities, biases, and prejudices; increase their knowledge about the histories and present realities of various social identity groups; and begin considering how to incorporate this knowledge and awareness into building strong unions.

Our next cohort of the Justice Leaders Core Course will run 8 consecutive Mondays, 6:00-8:00 PM, starting February 12. Nearly 100 AFT Michigan leaders from all constituencies have now completed the Core Course. To register for the Justice Leaders Core Course fill out this form:

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