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Yesterday, December 2, 2014, over 90 AFT Michigan members went to Lansing to lobby their state legislators at the start of this Lame Duck   Legislative session.  During this time, after the election but before the new legislators take their seats, is a time when there is pressure to pass legislation.  You never know exactly what bills will be taken up or which will have enough votes to get passed both the Michigan House and Senate so AFT Michigan and the rest of the labor movement will be keeping a watchful eye.  The Detroit News had an article about our Legislative Action Day.

Yesterday our AFT Michigan citizen lobbyists met with their legislators to talk about a number of bills we think may move during lame duck.  You can read the briefing papers that were handed out yesterday by clicking on the titles; they will open as documents you can download.

LGBT Discrimination and “Religious Freedom” HB 5804 or HB 5958-5959
3rd Grade Reading Retention, HB 5111/HB 5144
Electoral College, HB 5974
A-F Letter Grading for School “Performance”, HB 5112
EAA Expansion, HB 4369

Even if you couldn’t attend yesterday, you can still call your legislators to let them know how you feel about any of these bills.

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