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State Superintendent Tweets in Opposition to Pay Cut [8.25.14]
“To teachers: I don’t support 10% cut to Detroit teachers,” he tweeted. “I have no line item veto on deficit plans & DPS needed urgent loan.”
In a second tweet minutes later, the state school chief wrote, “ … DPS can make things right. Send me a revised deficit plan that has a better solution with no pay cuts to teachers and staff.”

State Leaders Support Detroit Teachers [8.23.14]
Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer and House Democratic Leader Tim Griemel called the Governor’s office urging them to reject the proposed 10 percent wage cut. Support for Detroit teachers and against the cuts continues to pour in.

Mayor Mike Duggan Speaks Out on Pay Cut [8.22.14]
Mayor Duggan statement:
“I am very concerned that the proposed 10 percent wage cut for Detroit Public Schools’ teachers and staff may drive quality teachers out of the system and create instability just at the time parents are making enrollment decisions for their children this fall. We must build a stronger DPS, not weaken it. I have expressed my concerns to the Governor’s office and they have advised me today that the State Treasury Department is working to find a solution for this situation.”

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