In AFT, Legislative Update

Together, we’ve sent more than 15,000 messages and made thousands of phone calls to legislators asking them to oppose Senate Bill 102, which will cost Michigan schools billions while slashing retirement benefits for educators.

And I’m proud to tell you – our work won this round. We will be back at this fight next year. But the Republican leadership of the Michigan Senate announced they will not be taking up this legislation this year.

But now, we’re facing a new, very serious threat to Michigan’s schools and students.

Rumors have circled in Lansing that Republican leadership has a plan to wants to change the way income tax refunds are sourced, which would have serious consequences for the School Aid Fund – a deep cut of $400 million in statewide school funding or about $273 per student.

Click here for a document that shows how each school district in Michigan will be impacted.

Our schools cannot afford it. The Michigan Legislature should not be balancing its books on the backs of children.

Background: Currently, about 23 percent of the state income tax revenue from employer withholding is routed to the School Aid Fund. When a person files their tax return and is owed a refund, all of that refund is paid from the General Fund. This proposal would split the refund between the School Aid Fund and the General Fund.

While no legislation currently exists, the consequences of such a change are dire and the threat is real. We urge members to call their state representatives and senators and urge them to oppose any change that would hurt school funding.

Please click here to send an email NOW, to ask your legislator to vote no on any School Aid Raid.

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