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This afternoon, I ran into 80 year-old Jewel Gines, head of the Detroit Teacher Retiree Chapter, canvassing for Schauer/Peters. 81 year-old Charlie Parrish, president of WSU AAUP-AFT, is also canvassing for Schauer/Peters.

If you are older than 81: vote, make sure your family and friends vote, relax, stay warm.

If you are younger than 80 and physically able to walk or call, YOU ARE NEEDED! Sign up to volunteer by clicking here and someone will get back to you to schedule a shift time and location.  From now to through when the polls close on Tuesday there are shifts scheduled for 9am, Noon, 3pm, and 6pm at various locations around the state.

And thank you to Jewel and Charlie and those of every age who are working to win.

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