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Join us in the Student Center at Wayne State University for the second installment of AFT Michigan’s 2018-19 Leadership Summit series! Conference registration and breakfast begins at 8:30 a.m. on Sat, Jan. 26.

Saturday will focus on Four Essential Union Capacities that were introduced at the August Leadership Summit. When you register, you will be prompted to choose workshops that correspond with these capacities. We encourage you to select workshop/track that is the most relevant for your current role within the union. We are also encouraging members to “master” a specific track by completing all of the workshops within each capacity and each local to send individuals to different tracks and build the strongest team possible.


8:30-9:30 Registration/Breakfast
8:45-9:30 Local Presidents Breakfast: Presidents’ Council Conversation with David Hecker
9:30-9:55 Opening Session

Essential Capacities Workshops

  • Building Leadership Structures (Internal Structures Track)
  • Reaching Out to New Employees (Organizing & Engaging Members Track)
  • Engaging Members Around Political Action (Coalitions & Political Action Track)
  • Identifying & Solving Worksite Problems (Negotiating Track)

Lunch (by constituency)

  • Graduate Employees
  • Non-Tenure Track Faculty
  • Tenure Track Faculty & Academic Staff
  • PreK-12 Support Staff
  • PreK-12 Teachers

Essential Capacities Workshops

  • Foundations of Union Management (Internal Structures Track)
  • Asking People to Be Members (Organizing & Engaging Members Track)
  • Improving Our Schools & Communities Through Political Action (Coalitions & Political Action Track)
  • Building Power to Improve Negotiations (Negotiating Track)
3:40-5:30 AFT Michigan Administrative Board Meeting

Sunday: This Summit’s Sunday session will be larger than usual, most critically because we are hosting training on the new AFT Connect data system. We strongly urge every local to send at least one “data point person” to participate in this hands-on session. When you register for the Summit, you’ll receive a confirmation email asking if you want to register for one of the Sunday sessions:

  • Data workshop
  • LEAD local team planning (for locals who are part of the 2018-19 LEAD program)
  • Member Organizing Institute training (to be part of this training, you must apply through your local)

Travel Support for Out-State Locals: Recognizing the distance some locals need to travel, AFT Michigan will help defray the cost of attendance for “out-state” locals located more than 80 miles away in two ways:

  • Mileage: Reimbursed at the IRS rate for members from locals located more than 80 miles from the event
  • Hotel: Reimburse up to $90 per member for lodging for those who are traveling more than 80 miles for the event

To register, visit


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