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Fourteen months ago the League of Extraordinary Educators was voted into existence at the AFT MI Bi-annual convention.  The idea for the League is to build cross union solidarity in the state and with nearly 300 members, we have done some amazing things.

Here are some highlights:

  • By identifying nearly 100 votes the day before the election, we helped the Hamtramck Federation of Teachers (HFT) narrowly pass a millage in Hamtramck.
  • By showing up to support a rally for East Detroit Teachers (EDFT) on an issue with the East Detroit School Board that will help the EDFT with negotiations.
  • By supporting a rally of over 300 people, the Utica Community School’s School Board halted the decision to privatize the work of Utica Federation of Teachers (UFT) and Utica Education Association teachers.
  • Despite losing by a slim margin, we set a new standard for turnout calls for the August Millage by calling nearly 2000 phone numbers in 10 hours with 27 League volunteers.

Bravo to the fourteen of us that came out to meet, in the beautiful weather btw 🙂 – we had a good discussion about the efforts of 200 League of Extraordinary Educator members that did over 650 Solidarity shifts!

The most important things that came out of the meeting for going forward were:

  • Scheduling phone banks, Diya said being proactive!, instead of doing rapid response calling, and building solidarity across locals.
  • Working to build a daytime union for AFT MI retirees for work and camaraderie.

Below is a schedule for the year:

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