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MICHIGAN — AFT Michigan President David Hecker released the following statement regarding Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s State of the State address:

“Tonight, the Governor laid out an agenda to improve Michigan’s classrooms, support educators, and ensure generations of Michiganders are equipped with the education and skills to thrive. Debt free community college, improving our literacy rates, prioritizing education in our state’s budget and setting goals for educational attainment will help move Michigan forward. Educators across Michigan do outstanding work every single day inside and outside the classroom. We appreciate Gov. Whitmer taking the time to highlight the incredible work done by one such educator, Marla Williams, a special education teacher and member of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. Marla is dedicated to her students whether they’re at their desks or out in the community by going above and beyond to make sure they are provided for. Marla and so many other educators like her across the state make us proud to fight for them and the students they serve. Michigan’s shortcomings in education will not be fixed overnight, but we are confident that the agenda laid out by Gov. Whitmer will help educators like Marla excel in the classroom, which means better outcomes for students and brighter future for Michigan.”
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