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Dearborn Federation of Teachers Donates a Free Book to Three Classrooms in Dearborn Public Schools

As part of their ongoing effort to provide “a free book for every student in Dearborn”, the Dearborn Federation of Teachers (DFT) once again hosted a First Book Classroom Giveaway at the Dearborn Homecoming in August of 2015. Students were able to enter their name to win a free book for every student in their class. Three winners were drawn; one each from an elementary, middle and high school. Books will be distributed in their class on Friday, October 23, 2015 in the afternoon.

This year’s winners are Xaiver Liepe from Mrs. Ciecko’s 2nd Grade Classroom at Long Elementary, Keira Doner from Ms. Fryzel’s 6th Grade English class at the S.T.E.M. school on the Dearborn Heights Campus, and Shelby Tucker from Mrs. McGladdery’s 9th Grade English class at Dearborn High School.

“Well into our fourth year of book distributions, I have come to realize that Dearborn students love to read!” said DFT Community Outreach Committee Chair John Bayerl. “Every year when we distribute the books, I see kids use their critical reasoning skills to select just the right book, and then—without exception—sit down and start to read. The smiles on their faces remind all of us how important it is to keep providing these high-quality, grade appropriate books to Dearborn students.”

To date, the DFT has distributed almost 5000 books to Dearborn Students. Additionally, many teachers in the district have also used First Book to provide thousands more students with the books they need.

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