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January 26, 2022

Contact: David Hecker,, 313-204-6115

AFT Michigan Responds to Governor Whitmer’s State of the State Address

MICHIGAN – AFT Michigan President David Hecker released the following statement in response to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s 2022 State of the State address:

“In many ways, Michigan is at a crossroads as we grapple with a global pandemic and attacks aimed at the very foundation of our schools, colleges and universities. Standing at that crossroads we have strong leaders like Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who has a vision for our state, public schools and places of higher learning that include everyone, regardless of race, income or zip code. She’s standing strong against those who would have us abandon our principles of truth, justice and honesty and take us down a regressive path. Her State of the State address tonight showed us that Gov. Whitmer is a leader with a roadmap to a better future, for not only preK-12 and higher education, but for all of the issues facing Michigan.

Over the last year, the Governor has invested in low or no-cost childcare, helped Michiganders get on tuition-free paths to higher education and skills training, and worked against difficult odds to protect our communities from COVID. Altogether, her efforts have been commendable, and Michigan is in a better place because of her work.

Never one to settle, Gov. Whitmer worked hard to secure historic funding for pre-K12 education along with significant increases in higher education. We look forward to working with her to bring equity to education funding across the board and building on the success of her leadership.

As we walk into 2022 together, we will work closely with the Governor to reorient the tax priorities of our state to ensure working families and seniors are able to care for themselves and have a stable future. We support Gov. Whitmer’s efforts to extend the Earned Income Tax Credit so families have more resources to set their children up for success and fully back an end the pension tax so seniors can enjoy retirement with dignity and security. As these important conversations unfold in Lansing, it’s vital that our lawmakers strike a balance with our tax system to ensure everyone is paying their fair share, rather than doubling down on regressive tax cut policies that favor corporations and the wealthy.”


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