AFT Michigan’s Administrative Board encourages our members to vote “Yes” on May 5 for Proposal 1, which will generate the desperately-needed revenue to repair Michigan’s deteriorating transportation infrastructure. Proposal 1 will also include restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit for many working families, as well as generating significant additional revenue for the School Aid Fund.

Please visit the Safe Roads Yes! Campaign website for more information here.

Michigan’s cracked and crumbling roads and bridges are safety threats to all of us. Police officers and fire fighters, ambulance and school bus drivers, all of us are dodging and swerving to avoid potholes on just about every road we drive.

Proposal 1:
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  • Provides $1.2 billion to fix our roads – creating about 15,000 jobs a year, many for union members
  • Provides additional revenue for PreK-14 education
  • Raises the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income workers

Proposal 1 also provides that fixing our roads won’t be paid for by cutting school aid funding. There is no Plan B that can pass the Legislature that will better meet the needs of working men and women here in Michigan.

President Karla Swift explains while the Michigan AFL-CIO endorsed the proposal in this Detroit News editorial.

Check out this printable flier that can be shared with AFT Michigan members below:

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