Lansing politicians are trying to punish teachers and school employees for standing up for their students.

The Senate Education Committee rammed through three bills despite overwhelming opposition testimony and they’re now on the fast track in the Michigan Senate.

If these bills pass, if one or more public school employees is found to have engaged in an illegal work stoppage to effect change in working conditions, the following would happen:

  • The union would not be allowed to represent employees for at least five years
  • Individual teachers engaging in illegal strikes would lose their teaching certificates
  • School districts would be fined five percent of their state aid payments if the administration failed to fine them

We need you to send an email and call your Senator ASAP to urge them to oppose the bills.

Click here to send an email. 

To amplify your voice, make a call by looking up your Senator’s phone number here. Make sure to call on break time, not work time.

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