78th Convention Summary


Our 78th Convention was held on May 4, 2024, at the Huntington Place in Downtown Detroit with 128 delegates from 28 locals, along with 44 guests. 


Highlights included:

  • Greetings and words of encouragement from Daryl Newman (AFL-CIO) and Sam Jordan (AFT) and a keynote conversation between President Terrence Martin and Laura Dickerson, UAW Region 1A Director
  • Honoring great people and organizations with awards, including:
    • The John McDonald Union-Building Award was presented to United Michigan Medicine Allied Professionals (UMMAP) 
    • The E’Lois Moore-Michele Artt Retiree Activist Award was presented to Charles Robinson, Detroit Federation of Teachers
    • The Walter Bergman Human Rights Award was presented David Hecker, AFT Michigan President Emeritus
    • Honoring five great worksite leaders with the Building the Frontlines Award:
      • Rosemarie Aldridge, Detroit Federation of Paraprofessional, Local #2350
      • Maria Goodrich, EMU Federation of Teachers, Local #9102
      • Megan Buckman, Lake Shore Federation of Teachers, Local #1465
      • Deborah Gibson, Wayne Academic Union, Local #6075
      • Kelishia Burks, United Michigan Medicine Allied Professionals, Local #6739
  • Celebrating the members of new bargaining units who organized and affiliated with AFT since our last convention, including:
    • Organizing Wins
      • Alliance of Resident Physicians, Local #5155 (Wayne State Residents)
      • Federation of Washtenaw ISD Employees, Local #3760 (Early Childhood Educators)
      • Ferris Non-Tenure Track Faculty Organization, Local #6528 (Writing Consultants)
      • Glen Lake Federation of Support Staff, Local #6622
      • Lincoln Consolidated Transportation Union, Local #6740
      • Michigan School of Psychology Alliance of Teachers, Local #6618
      • Resident & Fellow Alliance, Local #5157 (WMed Residents)
      • United Michigan Medicine Allied Professionals, Local #6739
      • University of Michigan Flint AAUP-AFT, Local #5671
    • Affiliations
      • Eastern Michigan University AAUP-AFT, Local #6759
      • Kalamazoo Valley Community College Faculty Association, Local #6760
      • Northern Michigan University AAUP-AFT, Local #6761
      • Oakland University AAUP-AFT, Local #6762
      • Western Michigan University AAUP-AFT, Local #6763
      • Wexford-Missaukee ISD Alliance of Educational Support Staff, Local #6634
  • Recognizing five locals leading the way in PAC fundraising:
    • United Physician Assistants of Michigan Medicine, Local #5297
    • UM Lecturers Employee Organization, Local #6244
    • Macomb ISD Federation of Paras, Local #6216
    • Detroit Federation of Teachers, Local #231
    • Henry Ford CC Federation of Teachers, Local #1650


Delegates approved the proposed amendments to the Constitution, which included: 

  • A dues increase of $6.00 (2.4%) to the full per capita rate in September 2024 and $6.00 (2.4%) in September 2025, with proportional increases to half, quarter and eighth dues; 
  • Requiring  officer nominations to be made 8 days before Convention and not from the floor of the convention except in special situations, and 
  • Creating a new Healthcare constituency committee.


Delegates elected the 2024-2026 AFT Michigan Administrative Board:

John McDonald Union-Building Award Recipients - United Michigan Medicine Allied Professionals (UMMAP)

E'Lois Moore-Michele Artt Retiree Activist Award Recipient - Charles Robinson

Walter Bergman Award Recipient - David Hecker

Building the Front Lines Worksite Leader Award Recipients


Terrence Martin, Detroit Teachers #231 

Vice President (General)

Lori Chapman, MCCFO #6526 

Eva Coleman, MI ACTS #6482

Toni Coral, Hamtramck Teachers #1052 

Terrence Devlin, Taylor Teachers #1085 

Jennifer Maas, Macomb ISD Paras #6216 

Kathi Martin, Dearborn Teachers #681 

Vice President – Graduate Employees 

Cheyenne Kleiner, MSU GEU #6196

Vice President – Intermediate School District 

Jacqueline McPeek, Macomb ISD Teachers #2144

Vice President – Out-State Local

Victor Rodriguez-Pereira, MSU UNTF #1855

Vice President – PreK-12 Teachers

Lakia Wilson-Lumpkins, Detroit Teachers #231

Vice President – Tenure-Track Faculty & Staff 

Danielle Aubert, Wayne Academic Union #6075


Kirsten Herold, UM LEO #6244

Vice President (General)

Christian Nwamba, WCCCFT #2000

Jason Posey, Detroit Teachers #231

Eric Rader, HFCCFT #1650

Lincoln Stocks, Eastpointe Educators #698

Penni Toney, UMMAP #6739

Marcus Walton, Detroit Teachers #231

Vice President – Healthcare 

Christine Oldenburg-McGee, UPAMM #5297

Vice President – Non Tenure-Track Faculty

Anke Wolbert, EMUFT #9102

Vice President – Paraprofessionals & School-Related Personnel

Donna Jackson, Detroit Paras #2350

Vice President – Retirees

Andella White, Detroit Paras #2350R


Line of people reciting oath of office together
AFT MI Ad Board being sworn in at 78th Convention


Delegates approved resolutions on the following topics:

  1. Safe Staffing for all Healthcare Workers
  2. Increasing Access to Healthcare and Other Benefits for Part-Time Faculty & Staff
  3. Fully and Equitably Funding our Public Schools
  4. Physician Assistants and Access to Mental Healthcare
  5. Physician Assistant Compact Licensure
  6. Restoring Pensions for Michigan Educators and Healthcare Professionals
  7. Walter Bergman Human Rights Award – David Hecker
  8. Reducing Workplace Trauma for Educators and Healthcare Workers
  9. Education and Legislative Policies Promoting Self-Care


A big thank you to our staff and all those who served on committees to make our 78th Convention such a success!