IMG_2154It was rainy and windy but today, October 28th, members of the WCCCD Federation of Teachers, AFT Local 2000, and the Professional & Administrative Association, AFT Local 4467, joined with students, parents and members of the community for a Solidarity Walk in Support of our Students (SOS), calling on Wayne County Community College to improve learning conditions for our students.

Students at WCCCD sometimes struggle to reach their maximum potential and we believe the college could do so much more to help them. There are 70,000 students taking classes at the college, but only 10 tutors to help them. Most of the courses are taught by part-time instructors who don’t even have access to offices, making it difficult to meet with students. And while there are 70,000 students who deserve the best, WCCCD has only 60 full-time faculty but 300 administrators! Our students deserve more!

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