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We are reinventing our union-building training program to focus on supporting locals and leaders learning to survive and thrive in the open shop. All trainings will rooted in model of the core skills and activities essential to strong unions we have been developing in collaboration with locals and the AFT Union Leadership Institute over the last year and a half and will offer both a “core curriculum” and the opportunity to “major” in certain areas based on union roles and responsibilities. Following the August Leadership Summit–where all of us will work to develop a shared set of core skills–members will be encouraged to choose one of four tracks to complete a set of related workshops over the rest of the year:

  • Building the Internal Structure of the Union
  • Signing-Up & Engaging Members
  • Developing Coalitions & Political Action
  • Negotiating & Problem-Solving

In addition, because we want to maximize the value of the time you spend at statewide union events, we are designing all statewide gatherings this year to include a blend of both leadership discussion and training at each event. Constituency groups will meet together at each event to share concerns, best practices and discuss proposals and the AFT Michigan Administrative Board will meet at the conclusion of several of our sessions (to allow the direct translation of the day’s discussion into union policy).

Date Events (All to be held at Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit)
Aug 19-20 Leadership Summit 1 & LEAD Kickoff

Training, practice and self-assessment on 3 fundamental skills:

  • 1-on-1 Conversations
  • Developing Leaders & Teams
  • Campaign Planning

President’s Council & Constituency Breakouts (PSRP, Teacher, Grad, NonTenure-Track, Tenure-Track/Staff)

LEAD Kickoff (LEAD Locals only) – half day

Oct 28-29 Leadership Summit 2 & LEAD Session 2

  • Union-Building Workshops
    • Building Internal Structures: Workplace Leader Structures
    • Signing Up Members: Managing Lists & Data
    • Coalitions & Political Action: Power mapping your community
    • Negotiating: Running Contract & Issue Campaigns
  • Lunch Discussion in Constituency Breakouts (PSRP, Teacher, Grad, NonTenure-Track, Tenure-Track/Staff)
  •  Union-Building Workshops
    • Building Internal Structures: Coordinating Committees
    • Signing Up Members: Reaching Out to New Employees
    • Coalitions & Political Action: Member political education
    • Negotiating: Solving Worksite Level Problems
  • Ad Board meeting

Day 2: LEAD Session 2

Jan 13-14 Leadership Summit 3 & LEAD Session 3

  • President’s Council
  • Union-Building Workshops
    • Building Internal Structures: Communicating Across the Union
    • Signing Up Members: Running Membership & Issue Drives
    • Coalitions & Political Action: Recruiting Volunteers
    • Negotiating: Solving Problems Outside the Contract
  • Lunch Discussion in Constituency Breakouts (PSRP, Teacher, Grad, NonTenure-Track, Tenure-Track/Staff)
  • Union-Building Workshops
    • Building Internal Structures: Getting the Right People in the Right Roles
    • Signing Up Members: Managing Dues Collection
    • Coalitions & Political Action: Raising Money
    • Negotiating: Reaching Agreements & Ratifying
  • Ad Board meeting

Day 2: LEAD Session 3

Apr 28 Pre-Convention Meeting

  • Committee meetings: Resolutions, amendments, agenda, etc.
  • Ad Board meeting
May 19 Convention & Leadership Summit 4 

  • Mini-Summit/Morning Workshops
  • 2018 AFT Michigan Convention

LEAD Program: Several more locals will join the Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) Program this year as they prepare to enter the open shop in 2018. LEAD local teams will meet for additional time at Leadership Summits to work together on contract campaign and local development plans. During the signup process, members from LEAD locals will be asked to sign up separately for LEAD events in addition to the Leadership Summits.

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