The holidays are a time to come together and improve our communities. As members of this community and citizens of Michigan, we should be concerned about the growing number of underpaid and underemployed workers in our state. Please join me at the Black Friday Rally for $15 and Full-Time outside of the Sterling Heights Walmart on Mound Road. For more information, check out our Facebook Event.

Low wages, unpredictable scheduling, use of part-time workers and temporary workers keep workers struggling and hold our economy back. Large corporations can afford to pay more, but instead, they choose to manipulate schedules and hours and pay most workers less than $25,000 a year. When workers speak out about their concerns, store managers often resort to illegal tactics and try to silence and intimidate them.

Whether or not you can attend the rally, please show your support for Michigan’s underpaid workers by signing our letter to store managers, community leaders and elected officials.

In Solidarity,

Rick Blocker, President
Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO

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