We organize. The labor movement is organized, empowered women and men who strive to improve their working conditions and communities. For our part in the movement, AFT Michigan is a union of education professionals advocating for high-quality, public PreK-16 education and for fair, thriving workplaces.

Whether our goals are at the bargaining table or in the Legislature, everything AFT Michigan does is based on an organizing model. Through open conversations between people, we work to empower each other and build the strength of our union.

Organizing the Unorganized

Everything we do is centered in building solidarity to realize a shared vision. We believe that individual employees benefit when they come together to form a union, which is why we are committed to working with education professionals to organize workplaces so people can exercise their rights, in the workplace and at the bargaining table. Learn More

Building Strong Local Unions

AFT Michigan is a federation of nearly 100 local unions, which serves to support affiliated locals as members build solidarity and power in their workplaces and communities. Learn More

Legislative Advocacy

AFT Michigan organizes and mobilizes our members to advocate for fair labor law and progressive education policy at the local, state, and federal levels. Learn More

Political Action

We actively upport candidates who will fight for progressive labor and education policy through fundraising and volunteering. Learn More

Community Engagement

Schools and universities strengthen communities and strong communities are crucial to thriving schools. Our members actively engage with communities to advocate for justice, equity, and quality of life. Learn More.

Bargaining and Contract Enforcement

Employees have a fundamental right to fair wages and working conditions. AFT Michigan is committed to meeting the challenges of bargaining and enforcing contracts in open-shop workplaces (right-to-work) to ensure all employees are treated fairly and with respect. Learn More

Join the League of Extraordinary Educators

The League of Extraordinary Educators is a solidarity campaign from AFT Michigan which organizes and mobilizes our union to take action politically, legislatively, and in the community.

The League will be made up of staff, retirees, teachers, faculty, and grad employees bursting out of our comfort zones to reclaim the promise of public education in Michigan.

Members of the League will be asked to make calls, knock on doors, connect with community allies, raise funds, receive & send text messages, talk to coworkers & neighbors, march in solidarity with other workers, and *whatever* else is needed to win in November & beyond.

Click here to join.

We transform ourselves with the greatest superpower we have: EACH OTHER!

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