AFT Michigan, being a state-wide organization, does not make candidate endorsements in local races. The local AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils screen candidates and make recommendations in those races. AFT Michigan has asked each AFL-CIO Central Labor Council to send us their list of endorsed candidates which we provide for your information. As of press time some CLCs and not yet sent their lists, we will post additional lists as we receive them.

Roderick Kevin Green Superior Township – Trustee

Washtenaw County Commission

Washtenaw County Commission – District 1      Kent Martinez-Kratz

Washtenaw County Commission – District 2      Michelle Deatrick

Washtenaw County Commission – District 4      Felicia Brabec

Washtenaw County Commission – District 6      Ricky Lee Jefferson

Washtenaw County Commission – District 7      Andy LeBarre

Washtenaw County Commission – District 9      Conan Smith

Washtenaw County Treasurer

Catherine McClary

Washtenaw County Sheriff

Jerry Clayton

City of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 1     Sumi Kailasapathy

Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 2     Kirk Westphal

Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 3     Julie Grand

Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 4     Graydon Kraphol

Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 5     Chuck Warpehoski

City of Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti City Council – Ward 1      Lois Elizabeth Richardson

Ypsilanti City Council – Ward 1      Jennifer Symanns

Ypsilanti City Council – Ward 1      Peter Murdock

Ypsilanti Township

Ypsilanti Township Supervisor     Brenda Stumbo

Ypsilanti Township Treasurer       Larry Doe

Ypsilanti Township Trustee           Karen Lovejoy Roe

Ypsilanti Township Trustee           Scott Douglas Martin

Ypsilanti Township Trustee           Stanley Eldrich

Ypsilanti Township Trustee           Jimmy Wilson, Jr.

Ypsilanti Township Trustee           Mike Martin

Ypsilanti Township Park Commissioner    Gloria Peterson

Pittsfield Township

Pittsfield Township Supervisor      Mandy Grewal

Pittsfield Township Treasurer        Pat Scribner

Pittsfield Township Clerk                Michelle Anzaldi

Pittsfield Township Trustee            Linda Edwards Brown

Pittsfield Township Trustee           Gerald Krone

Pittsfield Township Trustee           George Ralph

Pittsfield TownshipTrustee            Yemen Jaffer

Superior Township

Superior Township Trustee      Roderick Kevin Green

Plymouth-Canton Community Schools Board of Education
Patti McCoin

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