The League of Extraordinary Educators organizes and mobilizes our union to take solidarity action at the workplace, politically, legislatively and in the community. The League is made up of retirees, teachers, faculty, support staff and grad employees  — bursting out of our comfort zones to reclaim the promise of public education in Michigan.

Members of the League will be asked to make calls, knock on doors, connect with community allies, raise funds, receive & send text messages, talk to coworkers & neighbors, march in solidarity with other workers, and whatever else is needed to win.

I Hereby Join

The League of Extraordinary Educators

To fulfill our collective obligation to help all children succeed through public education, strengthen our communities, and advance the common good, I hereby join the League of Extraordinary Educators. Call me to make calls, knock on doors, raise funds, receive/send text messages, talk to coworkers and neighbors, vote in elections, and whatever else may be needed to win!

The League Taking Action

League Blog

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