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AFT Michigan 2014 Endorsements
Primary Election August 5, 2014

State of Michigan
State of Michigan

US Senate

  Name *Incumbent Party  
  Gary Peters DEM  

US House of Representatives

District Name *Incumbent Party  
  1st District Jerry Cannon DEM  
  5th District Daniel T. Kildee* DEM  
6th District Paul Clements DEM  
 7h District Pam Byrnes DEM  
 8th District Eric Schertzing DEM  
  9th District Sander Levin * DEM  
11th District Bobby McKenzie DEM  
12th District Debbie Dingell DEM  
13th District John Conyers, Jr * DEM  
14th District Rudy Hobbs DEM  

State of Michigan

Governor of Michigan

  Name *Incumbent Party  
  Mark Schauer DEM  

Michigan Senate

District Name *Incumbent Party  
1st District Coleman Young * DEM  
2nd District Bert Johnson * DEM  
3rd District Morris Hood * DEM  
4th District Virgil Smith * DEM  
4th District Rashida Tlaib DEM  
5th District David Knezek DEM  
5th District Thomas F. Stallworth III DEM  
6th District Hoon-Yung Hopgood * DEM  
7th District Dian Slavens DEM  
9th District Steve Bieda * DEM  
10th District Tory Rocca * REP  
16th District Kevin Commet DEM  
17th District Doug Spade DEM  
18th District Rebekah Warren * DEM  
20th District Sean McCann DEM  
22nd District Shari Pollesch DEM  
23rd District Curtis Hertel, Jr. DEM  
24th District Dawn Levey DEM  
25th District Terry L. Brown DEM  
27th District Jim Ananich * DEM  
32nd District Stacey Erwin Oakes DEM  
34rd District Cathy Forbes DEM  



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