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AFT Michigan 2012 Endorsements
General Election November 6, 2012

Local Endorsements

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(AFL-CIO Local endorsements not encluded)

US Executive

  Name *Incumbent Party  
President Barack Obama* DEM  
Vice-President Joe Biden* DEM  

US Senate

  Name *Incumbent Party  
  Debbie Stabenow* DEM  

US Congress

District Name *Incumbent Party  
  1st District Gary McDowell DEM  
  3rd District Steve Pestka DEM  
  5th District Daniel T. Kildee DEM  
6th District Mike O'Brien DEM  
  8th District Lance Enderle DEM  
  9th District Sander Levin* DEM  
11th District Syed Taj DEM  
11th District
(partial term)
David Curson DEM  
12th District John D. Dingell* DEM  
13th District John Conyers, Jr* DEM  
14th District Gary Peters* DEM  

State of Michigan

Michigan Supreme Court *Incumbent
  Shelia Johnson
  Connie Kelley
  Bridget Mary McCormack
State Board of Education
  Michelle Fecteau
  Lupe Ramos-Montigny
University of Michigan Board of Regents
  Mark Bernstein
  Shauna Ryder-Diggs
Michigan State University Board of Trustees
  Joel Ferguson*
  Brian Mosallam
Wayne State University Board of Governors
  Sandra Hughes-O'Brien
  Kim Trent


Ballot Questions

Proposal 12-1 Emergency Manager NO
Proposal 12-2 Collective Bargaining YES
Proposal 12-3 Clean Energy YES
Proposal 12-4 Quality Home Health Care YES
Proposal 12-5 Tax Proposal NO
Proposal 12-6 Building New Bridge NO



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