AFT Michigan members are encouraged to contact their legislators and ask them to stand up for public education.

Legislator Office Hours

We keep a list of publicly available legislator office hours here: Legislator Office/Coffee Hours

Most state representatives and senators hold informal coffee and office hours with constituents in their home districts. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss current state issues with your legislators. If the types do not work for you, or aren’t posted, most legislators are willing to schedule individual appointments at home in their districts. We encourage all of our members to meet with their elected officials to share their experiences as education professionals and ask legislators to support public education.


The following links provide tools for members to contact their legislators about issues currently up for consideration in the Michigan Legislature:

Ask Your Legislator to Oppose Drastic Cuts in State Revenue for Public Services

The Michigan House of Representatives could vote as early as Tuesday, February 21 on HB 4001, which would roll back the state income tax from 4.25 percent to 3.9 percent in 2018, and then reduce it by .1 percent every year until eliminated.

The bill is expected to reduce state revenues by $2 billion in 2018, with no alternate source of revenue, resulting in drastic cuts to universities, community colleges, public safety and programs working families depend on.

While the bill does include a “hold harmless” provision protecting the School Aid Fund from being reduced directly, as budgets tighten, it is likely more programs will be funded out of the School Aid Fund and reduce the available funding for PreK-12 schools.

AFT Michigan is working with a number of organizations to oppose this dangerous bill, and we urge members to contact their legislators and ask them to vote no on HB 4001.