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Update on Dues Collection Systems

The past year has been filled with many changes and adjustments to how we conduct union business, especially in terms of dues collection. PA 53 took away the option for K-12 locals to have members dues automatically deducted through payroll.

AFT Michigan has worked with our locals to make paying your dues as easy as possible by setting up a system where you can use either a credit card or an Electronic Fund Transfer to make an automatic monthly payment.  Some locals have set up their own system for dues collection.  If your local is using the AFT Michigan system it will be listed below.  If you don’t see your local listed, please contact your local Treasurer for more information.

Ask questions about dues collection here.

Make changes to a current payment here.

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COP Independent Federation 4317

Dearborn Federation of Teachers 681

Glen Lake Federation of Teachers 4303

Hale Federation of Teachers 4410

Hamtramck Federation of Teachers 1052


Imlay City Federation of Teachers 1640


Iosco RESA Federation of Teachers 3531


Lamphere Federation of Teachers 1614


Midland Intermediate Federation of Paraprofessionals 4779


Northville Federation of ParaProfessionals 6813


Northville Federation of Para Educators 3813


Saginaw Intermediate Federation of Teachers 4283


Van Dyke: Professional Personnel of Van Dyke 6199


Wayne County Salaried Staff Federation 4479

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