Member democracy, self-determination and social justice are enduring AFT values.

Member-to-Member conversations are at the heart of our union.

Member-to-Member conversations are at the heart of our union.

This is a union established to give voice to our members and advance their occupational, professional and workplace interests and well as values rooted in economic fairness, political democracy, civil rights and individual freedom at home and in the community. Organizing is how we build power to bring fairness and voice to our jobs, and it all starts with member-to-member conversations.

Effective organizing means building relationships, one at a time, over time, through structured one-on-one conversations. Organizing conversations are the most effective way to gather information about unit members and the workplace, identify worker concerns and issues, impart factual information about the union, “inoculate” against anti-union campaigns, and move unit members to action.

  • It requires knowing who is at a worksite and physically where in a building they work.
  • It means making sure you know when you can meet and talk with them.
  • Listening to their story and connecting what they are talking about to larger issues in the workplace, the community, or the legislative or political process.
  • And then linking the individual member to others who have the same concerns and who decide to act on their concerns.

If you are interested in learning more about member-to-member organizing conversations, or would like a training for your local, please contact your AFT Michigan Field Representative, or contact AFT Michigan at 313-393-2200.


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