Reclaiming the Promise

We stand up for public education in Michigan

Our union works to promote policies that support a high-quality, equitable public education system for all. We are educators who believe in the potential of our students and are committed to ensuring that Michigan has a high quality education system.

Tracked Legislation

AFT Michigan tracks legislation relevant to the issues facing our members, as well as the schools, colleges, and universities in which they work, operations of state government and elections, and issues of racial, social, and economic justice.

For every bill we monitor, you will find a description of the bill, relevant details, and links to the bill content and legislative analysis.

AFT Michigan does not always take positions on bills. If a bill is not scheduled for a hearing, it is unlikely we will take a position. Decisions on bills are made through alignment with AFT Michigan’s official policy platforms and consensus of AFT Michigan’s Administrative Board Constituency Committees and through discussions with local presidents. When we’ve taken a position on identical bills in previous sessions, our previous position on the bill is reflected.

Additionally, there are links for members to take action on bills for which we have taken positions and are moving through the legislative process.

Take Action!

Communicating with elected officials is our responsibility as citizens and union members — and the Michigan Legislature is always working on many issues that affect teachers, school employees, and students.

Policy Platforms and Position Papers

AFT Michigan’s policy platforms and issue briefs are developed by our members — after all, education professionals are the experts when it comes to educational issues. Our legislative work is centered on communicating these values and policies to elected officials.

Higher Education Platform

Throughout this platform, AFT Michigan emphasizes that faculty and staff should be full participants in any discussion aimed at enhancing higher education in our state.

PreK-12 Education Platform

In this platform, AFT Michigan identifies a set of policy priorities for Michigan public schools. Decades of solid evidence supports these pillars of a high quality school system.

Issue Briefs and Testimony

AFT Michigan not only engages in debate on pressing legislative issues, but we also proactively prepare issue papers on policies to improve education.

Legislative Updates

Click the links below for the updates on issues affecting AFT Michigan members in Lansing.

Education Budgets Move Through Legislative Process

We’re nearing the middle of the budget process, and the omnibus budgets for public education...
April 23, 2018

Hecker calls out Schuette for backtracking on 3%

David Hecker’s column in the Oakland Press calls out Bill Schuette for trying to rewrite...
February 12, 2018

Labor Gathers at MI AFL-CIO Legislative Convention

Trade unionists from across Michigan gathered at UAW Region 1 in Warren on Wednesday, January...
January 29, 2018

Governor, Republican Legislative Leadership Reach Compromise Deal on MPSERS Hybrid “Reform”

Late this afternoon, Governor Rick Snyder, Speaker of the House Tom Leonard, and Senate Republican...
June 14, 2017
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