Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is Election Day. The following pages list candidates for office endorsed by AFT Michigan and, in most cases, the Michigan AFL-CIO. The endorsements listed here are the result of our strong participation in the AFL-CIO candidate screening process. The men and women listed here have been determined based on their records, position on issues and answers to our questions, to be the best choices to look after the interests of our members and public education.

2016 Statewide Endorsements

United States President Hillary Clinton
U.S. Congress 1 Lon Johnson
U.S. Congress 3 Douglas Smith
U.S. Congress 4 Debra Wirth
U.S. Congress 5 Dan Kildee
U.S. Congress 6 Paul Clements
U.S. Congress 7 Gretchen Driskell
U.S. Congress 8 Suzanna Shkreli
U.S. Congress 9 Sander Levin
U.S. Congress 11 Anil Kumar
U.S. Congress 12 Debbie Dingell
U.S. Congress 13 John Conyers, Jr
U.S. Congress 14 Brenda Lawerence
MI Senate 4 Ian Conyers
MI House 1 Brian Banks
MI House 2 Bettie Cook Scott
MI House 3 Wyndall Byrd
MI House 4 Rose Mary Robinson
MI House 5 Fred Durhal
MI House 6 Stephanie Chang
MI House 7 Latanya Garrett
MI House 8 Sherry Gay-Dagnogo
MI House 10 Leslie Love
MI House 11 Jewel Jones
MI House 12 Erica Geiss
MI House 13 Frank Liberati
MI House 14 Cara Clemente
MI House 15 Abdullah Hammoud
MI House 16 Robert Kosowski
MI House 17 Bill Lavoy
MI House 18 Kevin Hertel
MI House 20 Colleen Pobur
MI House 21 Kristy Pagan
MI House 22 John Chirkum
MI House 23 Darrin Camilleri
MI House 24 Dana Camphous-Peterson
MI House 25 Henry Yanez
MI House 26 Jim Ellison
MI House 27 Robert Wittenberg
MI House 28 Patrick Green
MI House 29 Tim Greimel
MI House 30 Michael Nottee
MI House 31 William J. Sowerby
MI House 33 Jeff Yaroch
MI House 34 Sheldon Neeley
MI House 35 Jeremy Moss
MI House 37 Christine Greig
MI House 40 Nicole Bedi
MI House 41 Martin Howrylak
MI House 42 Tim Johnson
MI House 48 Pam Faris
MI House 49 Phil Phelps
MI House 50 Tim Sneller
MI House 52 Donna Lasinski
MI House 53 Yousef Rabhi
MI House 54 Ronnie Peterson
MI House 55 Adam Zemke
MI House 56 Tom Redmond
MI House 57 Harvey Schmidt
MI House 60 Jon Hoadley
MI House 61 John Fisher
MI House 62 Jim Haadsma
MI House 64 Ronald Brooks
MI House 65 Bonnie Johnson
MI House 66 Annie Brown
MI House 67 Tom Cochran
MI House 68 Andy Schor
MI House 69 Sam Singh
MI House 71 Theresa Abed
MI House 75 David Lagrand
MI House 76 Winnie Brinks
MI House 79 Marletta Seals
MI House 84 James Wencel
MI House 85 Anthony Karhoff
MI House 86 Lynn Mason
MI House 89 Tim Meyer
MI House 91 Colleen Lamonte
MI House 92 Terry Sabo
MI House 95 Vanessa Guerra
MI House 96 Brian Elder
MI House 98 Geoff Malicoat
MI House 99 Bryan Mielke
MI House 101 Dan Scripps
MI House 106 Robert Kennedy
MI House 108 Scott Celello
MI House 109 John Kivela
MI House 110 Scott Dianda
MI Supreme Court Deborah Thomas
MI Supreme Court Frank Szymanski
State Board of Ed John Austin
State Board of Ed Ismael Ahmed
UM Board of Regents Laurence Deitch
UM Board of Regents Denise Illitch
MSU Board of Trustees Dianne Byrum
MSU Board of Trustees Diann Woodard
WSU Board of Governors Mark Gaffney
WSU Board of Governors Yvette Anderson

2016 Local Endorsements

AFT Michigan, being a state-wide organization, does not make candidate endorsements in local races. The local AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils screen candidates and make recommendations in those races. AFT Michigan has asked each AFL-CIO Central Labor Council to send us their list of endorsed candidates which we provide for your information. As of press time some CLCs have not yet sent their lists, we will post additional lists as we receive them.

Wayne County Regional Educational Enhancement Millage - YES

Regional Transit Authority - YES

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