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AFT Michigan represents about 35,000 members in 95 locals spread throughout Michigan. Of the 95 locals, 39 have PSRP members. PSRP locals are a fast-growing segment of our membership. The PSRP membership includes classroom paraprofessionals, school secretaries, central office clerical staff, bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers, plant engineers, reading aides, vocational and technical personnel and special education aides among others. AFT Michigan, in conjunction with the AFT, offers a variety of services of interest to PSRPs.

Professional Development

AFT Michigan believes that PSRPs need, and deserve, professional development opportunities. AFT Michigan professional development and union leadership program includes a PSRP conference and numerous workshops on PSRP issues. Recent topics have included leadership training, stress management, working with medically fragile children, how children learn to read, Common Core State Standards and working with diverse students. In addition, AFT Michigan provides training on how to run a union, bargain and administer a contract and other topics. The AFT offers programs directly dealing with PSRP issues.

Legislative and Political Action

Virtually every aspect of a school employee’s job is controlled or influenced by the state legislature and Congress. Everything from our school’s funding, to the length of the school year, the licensing or certification required, our personnel files and our pension system is the result of decisions made by elected officials. Moreover, the state legislature can, and has, limited our ability to fight privatization of our jobs. AFT Michigan maintains a strong presence in Lansing, lobbying lawmakers on issues of concern to our membership. The AFT does the same in Washington, D.C. We work with our locals to keep members informed about issues moving through the legislature and encourage members to become involved in the political process. We are active politically, conferring with members of congress, the state legislature and school boards, and work to elect people who support public education and school employees.


The AFT publication PSRP Reporter is mailed to every member of a PSRP local. It contains news about the union, discussion of issues of concern to PSRPs around the country, information about discounts and other member benefits. The AFT Michigan web site, Facebook page and Twitter feed are an excellent source of information about the union, the legislature, and the professional development offerings.  For immediate news and activities please sign up for the AFT Michigan email list by clicking on the “Sign up to Become an AFT Activist” box on this page.

PSRPs in AFT Michigan

AFT Michigan has three PSRP members on our Administrative Board, including an AFT vice president. AFT Michigan maintains a permanent PSRP Committee which includes representatives of all PSRP locals.

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