This organization shall be known as AFT Michigan.


1. To encourage and promote democratic educative practices so that students can realize their fullest potential physically, mentally, socially and spiritually;

2. To raise professional standards, and to secure for all educational and other workers’ conditions conducive to the performance of their best services;

3. To assist in the organization of new locals;

4. To provide continuous service to locals in improving their organization, and advance the culture of organizing throughout AFT Michigan by moving potential members to members, members to activists and activists to leaders, so our members see the power of the union, are drawn to it, and realize that the power comes from them, their commitment and involvement.

5. To bring locals of the American Federation of Teachers in Michigan into relationships of mutual assistance and cooperation with each other and with organized labor;

6. To fight all forms of racism and discrimination in education.

You can see the entire AFT Michigan constitution here:

Download (PDF, 94KB)