AFT Michigan is the state organization of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO (AFT), our national union. Individual members belong to an AFT union local. Each union local is affiliated with AFT Michigan and the AFT.

AFT Michigan represents:

  • Pre K-12 teachers and support personnel;
  • University professors and graduate employees;
  • Community college instructors and administrative employees; and,
  • Credit union employees.

The foundation of AFT Michigan is strong local unions. The Federation’s locals are autonomous and retain control of decisions affecting their membership. The membership in a local elect their officers and executive committees.

Members make their voices heard on the state level by electing delegates to our biennial convention and by participating in various committees. Delegates to the biennial convention vote on policy, and the goals and objectives for the state federation. The convention elects the president, secretary-treasurer, and twenty vice presidents who along with three Michigan based AFT vice presidents compose the Administrative Board. The Administrative Board directs AFT Michigan operations between conventions.

AFT Michigan is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the rights and benefits of the members of the union. As part of this mission, AFT Michigan is committed to supporting and empowering union locals in all aspects of union work. The foundation of our union’s effectiveness is an informed and mobilized membership.

Each AFT Michigan local is assigned a staff person. They, working with AFT Michigan’s officers, other staff, and attorneys, provide a wide-range of services to locals including assistance with:

  • Negotiating
  • Contract administration
  • Professional development, courses, workshops and conferences
  • Union building training
  • Political and legislative action
  • Research and financial analysis

You cannot have an empowered union local and an informed and mobilized membership with out providing training and support. AFT Michigan offers numerous classes, workshops and conferences throughout the year offering members and leaders an opportunity to master skills and gain new knowledge.

In addition, AFT Michigan provides in-depth training for designated local members to become experts in school finances or health care benefits. Having a person trained to be a Fiscal Analyst who can look at a school district budget and really understand what they are seeing helps to keep the bargaining on track. Having a knowledgeable Health Care Advocate who understands health benefits in detail can be invaluable as part of a local bargaining team.

AFT Michigan utilizes various communication devices to enhance the flow of information between the AFT, AFT Michigan and locals including publications, a web page, e-mail lists, a Facebook page and Twitter feeds.

The AFT, AFT Michigan and our local unions are active participants in the AFL-CIO at the national, state and local levels. This labor network enhances the union’s effectiveness in local communities, the state legislature and in Washington, D.C. to address issues important to our membership.