We had an engaging and energizing 74th Convention in Detroit on May 14, 2016. Highlights included:

  • Welcomes from Rick Blocker, President of the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO and Ron Bieber, President of the Michigan AFL-CIO, and Nancy Strachan, Vice President of the MEA;
  • Recognizing the organizing efforts of the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation with the AFT Michigan President’s Award;
  • Keynote presentation by UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada on the fight we’re in to take back our state, which concluded with everyone calling their State Senators in opposition to the House Detroit schools package;
  • Presenting the Walter Bergman Human Rights Award to 482Forward in recognition of their efforts to organize parents and students to save public education in Detroit;
  • Thanking Pam Prause for her 26 years of outstanding service to our union and the labor movement;
  • Honoring four great worksite leaders with our inaugural Building the Front Lines Award:
    • Andella White, Detroit Paras, Local 2350Our 2016 Worksite Leaders of the Year
    • Danielle Nagle, Hamtramck Teachers, Local 1052
    • Mistie Ryan, Lake Shore Teachers, Local 1465
    • Nancy Welter, Wayne State Part-Time Faculty, Local 477
  • Post-Convention solidarity on a great Labor History & the Arts Bus Tour that visited the DIA, UAW Local 600, the mural of Mary Ellen Riordan, and the Jolly Old Timers Social Club!
    Mary Ellen Riordan mural

2016 Convention Resolutions

The Convention passed a number of resolutions that will guide our policies and actions moving forward. You can find the full text of each resolution on our website. As a union, we committed to:

  1. Establish an AFT Michigan Per Capita Dues Committee
  2. Join Flint Rising to Help Address the Flint Water Crisis2016 AFT MI 011
  3. Promote School, Safety & Educational Opportunity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Questioning (LGBTQ) Students
  4. Restore Water, Air and Soil Quality in Michigan’s PreK-16 Public Schools
  5. Ensure Access to Feminine Hygiene Products in Schools
  6. Expand Student Debt Forgiveness
  7. Expand Collaborative PSRP Professional Development
  8. Oppose the State’s Appointment of a CEO over East Detroit Priority Schools
  9. Recruiting and Retaining High Quality Teaching Professionals
  10. Increase Accountability for the Higher Learning Commission
  11. Expand Paraprofessional Planning Time
  12. Fight for $15 Minimum Wage for All Education Employees
  13. Present the 2016 Walter Bergman Award to 482Forward

Constitutional Amendment and Election Results

Delegates approved the proposed amendments to the AFT Michigan Constitution, which included an increase in monthly per capita dues by 25 cents for full-time dues payers, 12 ½ cents for half-time, and 6 ¼ cents for quarter-time in September 2016 and again in September 2017, as well as several housekeeping items.

2016-18 AFT Michigan Administrative Board Elected to Lead AFT Michigan

2016 Ad BdDavid Hecker, President
Edna Reaves, Secretary-Treasurer

Vice Presidents:
Ivy Bailey, Detroit Teachers #231
Michelle Cook, Hamtramck Teachers #1052
Tara Forbes, WSU GEOC #6123
Bonnie Halloran, UM LEO #6244
Vicki Honeycutt, Northville ParaEducators #3813
Donna Jackson, Detroit Paras #2350
Angela Johnson, Detroit Retirees #231R
Michelle Kirk, Melvindale Teachers #1051
Lisa Laverty, EMUFT #9102
Terrence Martin, Detroit Teachers #231
John McDonald, HFCCFT #1650 (serves on Ad Board by virtue of being an AFT Vice President)
Linda Moore, Taylor Teachers #1085
Jodi Monday, AAFMCC #6533
Brandon Moss, Michigan ACTS #6482
Ruby Newbold, DAEOE #4168 (serves on Ad Board by virtue of being an AFT Vice President)
Sarah Niemi, Detroit Teachers #231
Marcie Noutai, WCCC P&AA #4467
Charlie Parrish, WSU AAUP AFT #6075
Christine Sipperley, Dearborn Teachers #681
Kelly Stec, MSU GEU #6196
Lincoln Stocks, East Detroit Teachers #698
Marcus Walton, Detroit Teachers #231

A big thank you to all those who served on committees and volunteered to make our 74th Convention such a success!